5 best offline Android music player apps with lyrics support


In the era of connected speakers and smartphones, listening to music has become a simple hobby. If you want to listen to a specific song, ask Alexa or Google Assistant to play it for you. Do you need the lyrics to the songs you’ve been humming from the start? Tap the Show lyrics option from your music player on your Android phone. Yeah, it’s that easy. But what if you want to sing along with lyrics on offline music player app on android?

Best offline Android music player app with Lyric 2 support

With the offline music player incorporating many changes in recent years, you no longer need to venture outside the player to search for lyrics.

Here, you could claim that apps like Musixmatch and QuickLyric do the job of displaying the lyrics of the songs that are playing on your device. But the catch is, your phone must have an active data connection all the time. And it also leads to another app on your phone.

So if you are looking for offline music player apps with lyric support, you have come to the right place.

Let’s go, will you?

1. BlackPlayer music player

BlackPlayer is easily one of the versatile players for offline music. The black interface is soothing to the eyes and looks great at the same time. Unlike some gamers, BlackPlayer does not retrieve lyrics from the web.

Instead, he goes for a more subtle implementation. You will need to download the respective LRC files and place them in the same folder. Once this is taken care of, the player will recognize the lyrics immediately.


Add lyrics in Black Player Music Player 10

Just make sure the song and LRC files have the same name. Pretty simple, right?

To note: LRC files (LyRiCs) are similar to SRT files used for subtitles. These files contain the song’s lyrics as well as the timestamp and facilitate text-to-audio synchronization. There are many LRC file generators online out there, and I can recommend Rentanadviser out of many good ones.

At the same time, BlackPlayer’s interface is very easy to navigate. Just swipe left or right to switch between tabs. It supports various audio formats and also has a built-in 5 band equalizer, and the music enthusiast in you can tweak it further.

Blackplayer Vs Gonemad 117

Blackplayer Vs Gonemad 118

If the song tags are correct, the player will also download some album art for you.

Besides that, you can also create playlists, mark songs as favorites, among others.

2. GoneMad music player

GoneMad is another stellar offline music player that allows you to view the lyrics of the song currently playing. What I liked about this offline music player is that it automatically downloads the album art. Yes, no manual intervention required.

As for lyrics, this app only supports built-in lyrics. To integrate lyrics, you will need to use tools like MP3Tag. MP3Tag is a universal tag editor for Windows and allows you to easily edit the tags of audio and video files.

Best Offline Android Music Player App with 8 Lyrics Support

Best Offline Android Music Player App with 6 Lyrics Support

After embedding the lyrics to the audio files, you can transfer the said audio files to your phone and then play the song, then tap on the Show Lyrics option to view the lyrics.

If you are looking for a synced lyrics option, GoneMAD does not support it at this time.

Party MAD 1

MAD Party 2

On the other hand, if the songs on your phone do not have built-in lyrics, the apps let you search for them with Musixmatch. But of course you will need an internet connection for this.

GoneMAD’s interface looks heavily inspired by Google’s Material Design, and you’ll find a calming blue and white theme. If you are not a fan of this color, you can always change it.

Best offline Android music player app with Lyric 2 support

Best Offline Android Music Player App with 3 Lyrics Support

It ranks a cut above BlackPlayer as it packs a neat 12-band EQ with 16 different presets. It supports all major audio file formats like FLAC, MP3, WAV and MPC.

3. Retro player

If you like a minimalist music player, you’ll love Retro Player. This reader offers two different versions: Normal and Synchronized. If the song’s lyrics are embedded there, you’ll see them under the Lyrics tab.

Best Offline Android Music Player App with 12 Lyrics Support

Best Offline Android Music Player App with 13 Lyrics Support

The best part is that you can add synced lyrics manually. Just tap the Synced Lyrics tab, select Edit, and add the words. Now all you need to do is play the songs out loud, press the album cover and sing it out loud.

Retro Player has a simple and aesthetic interface and a horde of customizable options. If you like to tinker with the look and general settings of your apps, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what Retro Player has to offer.

Best Offline Android Music Player App with 9 Lyrics Support

Best Offline Android Music Player App with 10 Lyrics Support

The only downside is that it doesn’t have a built-in equalizer stand.

4. Poweramp music player

A list of offline music players is incomplete without the mention of Poweramp. When it comes to lyrics, Poweramp gives you some built-in options like Musixmatch, Genius, QuickLyric, among others.

Additionally, you can choose to search the lyrics directly through Google’s web. You will need a stable internet connection to view the lyrics.

Best Poweramp 010 settings and tips

Best Poweramp 019 settings and tips

In addition to that, Poweramp also supports built-in lyrics. The only limitation is that they don’t sync and you’ll have to manually scroll up and down.

Other than that, Poweramp is a solid music player with a bunch of cool new features. From rich visualizations to neat swiping gestures and robust EQ options, the list goes on and on. Moreover, it also incorporates a new audio engine and support for the use of hardware digital signal processor (DSP) to enhance your music experience.

5. Shuttle music player

Another stellar music player with lyrics support is the Shuttle Music Player. Shuttle gives you the option to view the built-in lyrics and lets you opt for a lyrics app like QuickLyric.

The option to access lyrics is easy. Once the song starts playing, tap the three-dot menu and select Lyrics to display the words.

Best Offline Android Music Player App with 17 Lyrics Support

Best Offline Android Music Player App with 18 Lyrics Support

The interface is clean and the new-age navigation gestures make it a joy to use. And did I tell you that it also supports Chromecast? The customization options are immense and there is also a 6-band EQ.

Android15 offline music player

Android02 offline music player

Shuttle also supports playlists, FLAC integration, and Google Assistant. You’ll end up loving the clean interface. And when it comes to file formats, the player will read them as long as your phone recognizes them. Fine, I would say.

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So which of these music apps will you get? I loved the integration of the lyrics from Rocket Player and BlackPlayer.

Also, don’t forget to tell us in the comments section why you’d rather listen to music offline than streaming from apps like YT Music and Spotify.

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