Amazon and Spotify Offline Music for $110

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The Mighty Vibe puts Amazon and Spotify playlists in your pocket for offline listening. Genius! So why aren’t there more similar products? (I ask seriously.) (Photo: Mighty)

I love outdoor activities as much as anyone else, but I don’t like having to bring my phone just so I can listen to a Spotify podcast or playlist. Unfortunately, there are not many alternatives. The Apple Watch now supports offline Spotify, but it’s limited to just 50 songs. Some Garmin watches can do the same, but they cost hundreds of dollars.

Here is another option: The powerful atmosphere. Closely resembling Apple’s beloved iPod Shuffle of yesteryear, the Vibe is a small, square audio player designed to clip onto your clothes. It can sync automatically (and wirelessly) with your favorite Amazon Music or Spotify podcasts and playlists. And once you load it up with songs and shows, it works totally offline.

$110 at Amazon

The unit has room for over 1,000 songs, according to Mighty, although I’m not sure what kind of tooth podcasts put in that storage. Its battery is good for around five hours of playtime, and it charges via a simple (but proprietary, so don’t lose it) USB cord.

It’s water and sweat resistant, weighs next to nothing, works with both wired and wireless headphones, and comes in three colors to choose from: black, blue, and red.

Everything is fine, right? Not everything, Nope. The Vibe can be a pain to use, starting with the app used to set up Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and sync your playlists. It’s not super intuitive and the process of syncing playlists, especially larger ones, can be quite slow.

Of course, as long as you plan ahead, it’s not a deal breaker. But here’s one that could be: The Vibe retails for $110, which may not look bad compared to the aforementioned smartwatches. However, in 2018 it was priced at $85 and occasionally went on sale for $70. What kind of technology product will at the top in price?

This one, apparently: Over the past year, Mighty Audio has increased the price roughly every three months. And $110 seems pretty high for a single-use device.

Another quirk: I contacted the company on Twitter and by email and never received a response. Mighty’s last press release dates back to 2019. That may not mean anything and it could mean the future looks bleak. (Update: I heard from a company representative, who assured me that Mighty Audio is alive and well. As for the price increases, they are the result of the recent semiconductor shortages.)

Me, I’ve always thought this player was a killer idea, and honestly, I’m surprised Spotify (or Amazon) didn’t just buy Mighty or release something similar.

Either way, flawed and expensive as it is, the Mighty Vibe gets the job done. If you want to be free from your phone but not your music, check it out.

$110 at Amazon

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