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Debt-free living is not an illusion, but it does involve a certain sacrifice, or rather a lifestyle change. Often people live above their capabilities and constantly go into the minus without even realizing it. It is best to live a crumb below your options as this will always leave you money that you can save for the black days. Knowing your own finances is the way to a debt-free life. The most important thing is to know how much money is flowing into your home budget and how much is going out of it. It sounds like the most banal thing, but it does regain control over costs.

Savings are the most important real goals

Savings are the most important real goals

A good knowledge of your own financial situation is a great precondition for saving. You do not need to set too high and unrealistic goals, as it will make it easier to lose focus. It is best to first choose the things that are achievable and do not take too long to save on them. Once you succeed, you can set bigger goals and be able to achieve them.

Never go shopping without a list

Debt-free living involves gaining control of your finances. Buying without a plan leads to unplanned expenses. Before going shopping, it is best to make a list of the things you need and thus avoid buying the ones you do not need. Take a look at weekly specials and larger packs to save on the stuff you use all the time. In the long run, they are more profitable.

Credit cards create the illusion of money


Credit cards are best replaced with cash whenever possible. When the money does not go directly from the wallet, it is difficult to make sense of the costs. But for a debt-free life , it is important to know at all times how much money you really have, and this can be easily achieved by using cash.

Complement your home budget whenever the opportunity arises

Supplement your home budget whenever possible. If you have the opportunity to earn extra, accept it and transfer the money to savings. You can fill your home budget with part-time jobs, growing your own food, selling used clothing and footwear, instruction and the like. Options always exist, but they require extra effort on your part.

Short-term credit lines for a debt-free life

Short-term credit lines for a debt-free life

Debt-free life can also be achieved with short-term non-purpose credit lines that have credit houses on offer. Debts can be settled in one go and paid back with the next paycheck. Their biggest advantage is that you can reach them from your own home in just a few minutes. Documentation is kept to a minimum and the realization goes online. The money is paid out within 24 hours.