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22 October 2021 (published)

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There was a point in the ’80s when prog shifted away from extended and over-the-top symphonic music and instead began to feature melodies, hooks, and shapes that appealed to an MTV-fueled fan base. . Bands such as Yes, Genesis, Toto, Journey, Kansas were at the forefront of this new form of prog and it ruled until the rise of Prog / Metal in the late 1980s and early 1980s. 90.

This Mentulls album takes me back to that time with a set of songs loaded with great melodies and mind-blowing playing, amazing harmonies and riffs galore. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve heard this year, but musically it’s also of a very high standard.

The Mentulls have had two previous albums, the last one – “Reflections,” released in 2015 – which caught the attention of much of the press and listeners. He had a more Bluesey side than this, definitely more rock, but Andrew and Jamie Pipe’s playing was remarkably excellent.

This time around they added David Neil Crabtree on vocals alongside Andrew Pipe on guitars, Jamie Pipe on keyboards and drums provided by Wayne Proctor who also co-produced the album with Andrew Pipe and it was mixed and mastered by Wayne at House Of Ton. Oli Brown does backing vocals.

The whole album has a fresh and lively feel, loaded with great melodies and the guitar and keyboards intertwine to create a true multi-faceted sound.

The first single ‘Easy To Walk Away’ is a delicious track (already commented on in Music-News) and it sets the tone for the whole album.
Andrew’s guitar lines are strong while Jamie’s keyboards give texture and pitch to the music, Crabtree’s vocals are perfectly suited, avoiding the heart-rending screams of so many modern singers and the drum lines give great impetus and punctuation to numbers like “Smoke & Mirrors”. .

Favorite tracks are probably ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ alongside very Yes-like ‘Summit Fever’ and ‘Worlds Made Of Sound’ which have great riffs and a whimsical bridge that lifts the track up.

It’s completely different from ‘Reflections’ but they definitely developed and took the sound of the band forward. A real winner

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