Microsoft Replaces Groove Music Player With Media Player App For Windows 11 For Some Insiders

In November 2021, Microsoft announced the rollout of the new Windows 11 Insider Media Player in the development channel.

Then the app was next to the Groove Music app, but today some insiders are reporting that the new media player has replaced Groove Music on their PCs, as Microsoft always wanted.

The new Media Player has the look and feel of Windows 11, and it showcases your local music collections. The media player includes a comprehensive music library that lets you quickly browse and play music, as well as create and manage playlists. The music collection in the Groove Music app will automatically migrate to this new app. You get a dedicated playback view that features album art and rich artist images, plus things like a full screen, mini player options, and a graphic equalizer.

In addition to music, the media player includes full support for browsing, managing, and viewing your local video collections. Microsoft has optimized this application for accessibility, with improved keyboard shortcuts and access key support for users of the keyboard and with other assistive technologies.

Microsoft has promised to offer new ways to browse your music and video collections and manage your play queue in future updates.

via onMSFT

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