The best video game cover artists on YouTube

Various talented musicians on YouTube have turned video game soundtracks into exhilarating songs that match the latest and greatest music. Receiving millions of views in some cases, these artists turn those classic tunes or modern soundtracks into unique or contemporary songs that video game fans can enjoy; we recommend that you study or practice their jams. It’s a way of celebrating the gaming world while appreciating the work of each composer. Here are five that each add their own unique flair to the exceptional music they are inspired by.

Alex Moukala

Music producer and songwriter Alex Moukala continues to twist and distort our expectations as he brings bang after bang. His recent funky cover of the Hades soundtrack brings a groovy beat that makes it impossible to stand still. Every time he releases a new song, he takes the original video game melody and takes it to the next level. This month Moukala released a cool, lo-fi remix of some of Nier Automata’s most notable songs that you could easily study with. It also analyzes popular video game tunes and makes weird versions of them with a Mario Kart version of “Gehrman, the First Hunter” from Bloodborne as an example.


FamilyJules features exceptional metal takes on your favorite video game soundtracks with every video. He has incredible skills with the guitar after more than a decade covering both VGM’s latest songs and classics. While his songs have a metal side, his compositions are sublime. An example would be his cover of “Fodlan Winds” from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, in which he shatters the action of metal with a soft acoustic guitar solo, then dives back into rock melody. Make a playlist of his tracks, schedule a workout, and you’ll thank us later.


While Alex Moukala and FamilyJules offer funk and metal iterations of beloved compositions, Insaneintherainmusic offers a jazzy version. It strikes the perfect balance between staying true to the original song and adding its own delicious touch to the track. Her style is whimsical in nature and will make you smile. In addition, his brass and piano solos are truly thrilling as he takes you on an unexpected journey into musical bliss. He often collaborates with other talented musicians, like FamilyJules, and has a wide choice of instruments, so his music never goes out of date.

Lacey johnson

Lacey Johnson is criminally underrated for the music she releases almost every two weeks. It offers a unique sound with the keytar and gives a punk rock touch to many pieces of video games. If you’re a Persona fan, she’s also got you covered with stellar versions of “Reach Out To The Truth,” “Time To Make History,” and “You Are Stronger,” among others. You will love his renditions of these memorable songs with solid vocals, awesome keytar solos and rock instrumentals.

Tee Lopes

While we wish he was more active on YouTube, Tee Lopes is quite simply one of the best on the platform when it comes to video game music covers. In fact, Lopes is so talented that he is the songwriter of Sonic Mania’s beloved soundtrack. What he’s so good at is bringing old-fashioned tracks from the 8-bit and 16-bit era into a new era with uplifting rhythms and instruments. His version of “Corneria” alongside Andy Gillion is thrilling and brings the enthusiasm that is required of the track with incredible percussion and guitar work. You also have to listen to his funky ’90s edition of Animal Crossing’s “KK Crusin’” which he performed with Funk Fiction. He brings the same attention and energy to every track he’s worked on so far.

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