The Complete Jukebox Music Playlist in Back 4 Blood

While not a major part of Back 4 Blood, the jukebox has already garnered a lot of attention from gamers in the game. Whether it’s the surprisingly extensive playlist or an announcement made to streamers. on the subject of music, a small jukebox made a huge impact.

Due to the nature of the jukebox in Back 4 Blood, players may not be aware that there are more than a dozen songs that can appear during the “Bar Room Blitz” level or in Fort Hope itself. Regardless of where players decide to activate a melody, there are a good handful that can play.

List of songs in the Back 4 Blood jukebox playlist

Players have already started to compile the full playlist in the jukebox for Back 4 Blood, and the songs can be found in the credits. Here is the list so far:

Return 4 songs from Blood jukebox

  • Black Betty – Spiderbait
  • Miserlou – Dick Dale
  • I’ll leave you baby (I won’t be coming back) – Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson
  • Tick ​​Tick Boom – Les Ruches
  • Rusty Cage – Johnny Cash
  • In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company – The Dead South
  • Sun Sinking Low – Mr. Airplane Man
  • Empty streets – A pretty mess
  • Electric Worry – Clutch
  • Cross Road Blues – Robert Johnson
  • My Home is in the Delta – Muddy Waters
  • All Hell Unleashed – Misfits
  • Ace of Spades – Motorhead
  • Don’t stop me now – Queen
  • The Devil Within – Daniel Murphy, Anthony Sanudo, Eric Serna
  • Evil (Is Going On) – Howling Wolf

Obviously, there are some great songs on the roster that match the zombie killing theme of Back 4 Blood. For most gamers, songs are a great addition, but content creators of all types may want to be wary of the jukebox.

Content creators are wary of the Back 4 Blood jukebox

Notice to creators! If you are broadcasting or planning # Back4Blood VOD content is important:
The jukebox has licensed music that will play when used. We do not own the streaming rights for the songs that play, so be sure to turn off your music when interacting with the jukebox.

Copyrighted music became a big deal for platforms like Twitch, and it was only a matter of time. In keeping with this trend, Alissa Barry, head of influencer communications at Turtle Rock Studio, cautioned streamers against playing music.

In a tweet, the warning targeted VOD-related content, where viewers can go back and watch content. Turtle Rock Studios does not own the rights to the music itself and is only for use in the in-game jukebox, not for streaming.

However, those who aren’t content creators can have fun with the various jukebox songs in Back 4 Blood.

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