This ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ classical music cover is absolutely magical

Sometimes classic pieces of video game music need classic processing to show how durable they are. Almost 30 years later, one of the most memorable songs from one of the greatest games of all time has been adapted for cello, and the results are magnificent.

London-born cellist and classical music journalist Samara Ginsberg today unveiled her latest take on a Sega mainstay, adapting the musical theme to Sonic the hedgehog 2‘s Chemical Plant Zone with an eight part and female rendition of the music from the second scene of the game. It’s absolutely glorious.

Considering the complexity of the piece and the fact that this is the only song in Sonic 2The most distant soundtrack in the orchestra (except for, perhaps, Metropolis Zone) – Ginsberg absolutely nails it. You almost expect to hear the drowning countdown music midway through the performance, giving you warlike flashbacks of your desperate attempts to find an air bubble or climb those weapon stairs, to save Sonic. asphyxiation.

From the Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra, Ginsberg began his musical career on the piano at the age of six and did not learn the cello until eight years later. In just 12 months, she won an honor in 8th grade, winning competitions along the way. Nowadays, between writing and performing with some of the UK’s most prestigious organizations, she lives in a converted South London pub with her partner and their ‘incredibly spoiled Persian cat’, entertaining the masses on social media for another lock.

Ginsberg is a newcomer to the YouTube music scene, but has spent the past four months building an impressive and loyal following on Twitter, through which she announced her coverage of Chemical Plant Zone. However, this is not his first foray into game music. Last month, Ginsberg released another eight-part version of a first-class Nintendo song: Super mario kartThe original Mario Circuit theme, complemented by alternating Mario and Luigi hats. It’s a real treat.

If you want to pitch one or two ideas, or just want to entertain yourself with Ginsberg’s fantastic talent, you can follow her on twitter, Where subscribe to his YouTube here.

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