[Updated] Chrome OS 97 new music player missing some useful features

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The original story (published January 17, 2022) follows:

With the Google Chrome browser as the main user interface, Chrome OS is based on Gentoo Linux. That being said, Google recently released Chrome OS 97 for those with a Chromebook.

The new update brings an updated Gallery app which allows users to play their favorite music from the app.

It brings a new full-screen experience with a “Now Playing” queue and the ability to rewind or skip the song by 10 seconds.

However, users who have updated to Chrome OS 97 are now reporting that the Gallery app’s new music player lacks some essential features such as the repeat button and the ability to shuffle the playlist.

While users say they appreciate the much-needed visual overhaul, some say the old music player was better in terms of usability. Many are also wondering if there is a way to bring back the previous version.


I don’t know if this change is just on my side or if everyone is stuck with it now, but they seemed to have removed the old music player and replaced it with a new one on the Gallery. I’m not a huge fan of this new one at all, it feels a lot more counter-intuitive than the old one. I have two main gripes about this, first is that you have to manually select each music file yourself instead of just playing everything in a folder. Now that’s not that bad but I wonder why they did that, if you wanted to have different “playlists” then you could just put each song in different folders like I’ve been doing for four years.

They went on to say,

It seems that’s how most other music players work. Second, there doesn’t seem to be a shuffle function anymore. On a music player. What kind of change is that? Why are they removing quintessential features that were already there to begin with? Even YouTube playlists have a shuffle function, a music player doesn’t? It’s the simplest music player it can be and I find it hard to see how it’s an improvement over the old one.

Turns out there’s a temporary workaround for those who want to go back to the old music player on Chrome OS 97.

This involves heading to chrome://flags and changing the “Media App Handles Audio” option from Default to Disabled.


We hope that Google adds the repeat and shuffle feature to the new music player in a future update, as the aforementioned flag is set to expires soon.

Like always. we’ll be keeping active track of developments on this one and updating the story, as and when needed.

Update 1 (March 15)

1:37 p.m. (IST): Some Chromebook users are not satisfied (1, 2) with the music player that comes with Chrome OS 97 and asking Google to bring back features from the old version in the future update.

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