Updated dedicated Android Auto music player with really useful functionality

Specifically designed to run on Android Auto and allow users to listen to their own music libraries, Auri Music recently received a new update that adds a welcome new feature.

Specifically, version 1.6 of Auri Music is now available on the Google Play Store and this update supports an option to customize the home menu. As everyone already knows, the customization side of an app is essential for all users, so with this new version Auri Music gives users the power to choose what they want to get from the home menu.

And just like the majority of the other updates, Auri Music 1.6 also introduces a bunch of minor bug fixes, which means the app should run a bit smoother on Android Auto.

In case you were wondering why you should give Auri Music a try, the range of features is pretty much the best answer you can get.

The app, designed for Android Auto, supports your entire music library, allowing you to access it directly from your car. And compared to Spotify, Auri Music supports local library, so you can play your favorite songs without internet connection.

In case you were wondering how powerful this app is, Auri Music supports majority of media formats including AAC, MP3 and FLAC. Plus, you also get a slew of extras, including options to shuffle the library, create playlists, view recently added songs, and tag your favorite songs for easier access.

Needless to say, users are recommended to install the new update as soon as possible, so go ahead and download Auri Music 1.6 right now using this link.

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