#VAXFORLIVE – Aotearoa music community unites against Covid-19

A small army of prominent artists from Aotearoa have put their weight behind the new #VAXFORLIVE initiative, urging all those who love live music to get vaccinated as soon as possible, to ensure that we can have awesome shows and festivals to look forward to this summer. You should have been living in some sort of secluded cave for the past 18 months not to know that our live music community has been impacted tremendously by Covid-19, and that the only way unrestricted concerts will happen again is to as many people in New Zealand as possible to go there and get the jab (I did it was zero hassle) – book HERE if you haven’t already. Local icons that support #VAXFORLIVE include Neil finn of Crowded house, Benee, Supergroove, Théia, Ladyhawke, Reb fountain and more. Read their words of encouragement below, check out a new video of festival favorites Shapeshifter promote the urgent message below and get vaccinated – it’s the most empowering and direct way to support our live music community.

“Crowded House was really lucky to play shows in Aotearoa, New Zealand in March. Live concerts bring joy and freedom that uplifts the morale of audiences and performers. This summer, the NZ will be open again for concerts but you will need to get vaccinated against the Covid. Come on everyone, we had the vaccine, it’s safe and it protects those we love ”-
Neil Finn (Crowded House)

“Me kaha taatou ki te patu ia Korona ki te rongoaa aaraimate. Kia okaina ia o taatou, ka ora ai te ao puuoro.” “We should all contribute to the fight against Covid19 by getting vaccinated. Thanks to this, our music industry will flourish again.” – Théia

“If you want to go to shows, get vaccinated! You are not only protecting yourself but others who may be vulnerable! This vaccine has been shown to reduce hospitalizations and deaths. I feel like I have to rely on this to protect my family, my friends, my squad, my team and my supporters, to protect them all. Without the vaccine, there will be no shows! I got mine! Get yours if you can. –

“It will be seven years since Supergroove was played when Electric Avenue lands in February. We hope everyone will be vaxxed so we can party with Lorde and the rest of an almighty line-up in ÅŒtautahi! Ngā Mihi Aotearoa. – Supergroove

“For me, getting the vaccine is about protection – protecting the people I love who can’t get the vaccine because they are immunocompromised. Or because they are not eligible, like my daughter who is about to be 4 years old. And after almost two years of not being able to tour internationally, the vaccine gives me the best protection so I can do the job I love. I can’t wait to be on stage again playing music here in Aotearoa, and the best way for us to get to this summer of concerts and dancing is to get the shot. For our whanau, for our communities and for ourselves. – Ladyhawke

“We can get together with #vaxforlive. My favorite part of creating music is playing live, but we have to do it safely, and if you haven’t heard it already, we artists won’t be able to. do our job and you won’t be able to enjoy live music, festivals or the arts without getting vaccinated. I want to be a part of amazing live shows where you, my friends – the audience and the artists, the places and the team – are all as safe and protected as possible. We can get together with #vaxforlive. I know what it’s like to hesitate about vaccines, but for me getting vaccinated against Covid means that i do my best to protect my friends, whanau and myself. If you haven’t already been vaccinated, do it now. If you are scared or unsure, you are fine – make an appointment with your doctor general practitioner and he will be able to advise you We are all in the same boat – I can’t wait te to play for you very soon “. –
Reb fountain

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