Ann Wilson Says Heart Biopic Will Avoid ‘Rock Movie Clichés’ | Music News

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Heartit is Anne Wilson releases his new solo album, fierce happiness, this Friday, but his famous band is still looming in the background. On the one hand, Wilson says she’s excited about the ongoing Heart biopic which, as previously stated, is scripted by Portlandia star and Sleater Kinney member Carrie Brownstein.

Talk to the British newspaper The Independentsaid Wilson, “It’s very strange, just the idea of ​​someone representing me. But Carrie really gets it. She’s the best – so smart, funny and talented.”

“And she’s trying to make sure it doesn’t fall into so many rock movie cliches,” Wilson adds. “She’s trying to get away from that and really tell the story of what it’s like for these two people, my sister [Nancy] and me. To make it real.

While the Wilson sisters announced earlier this year their disagreements over Heart’s future as a live band, Ann said last month that they had “a bunch of things” planned for 2023, which will mark the 50th anniversary of Heart. For example, Ann tells The Independent that the band hopes to return to the town where Heart played their very first gig for a 50th anniversary show.

That city is Vancouver, where Wilson remembers Heart playing at a venue called The Cave. Their audition for the gig was a disaster, she recalls. Because Nancy had not yet joined the band, Ann played guitar in addition to singing. “My [guitar] the strap came loose and my guitar fell off during “Stairway to Heaven,” she laughs.

Wilson will launch a series of tour dates with his backing band The Incredible Dawgs in support of fierce happiness starting May 4 in San Francisco.

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