Best Android Music Player Apps in 2022

The skill of fusing various sounds together to create a single, continuous sound is known as music. Music has a compelling way of expressing thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Music is a universal love. It has the ability to instantly transform your mood from worse to better by evoking memories and helping you forget about your suffering.

One of the first Android apps to load is a music player, but there are countless other music players for Android on Google Play, some paid and some free. Here is a list of the most beautiful and feature-rich Android music players, because most of our players are not interested in the paid version. Below we have mentioned the best Android Music Player apps.

Here is the list of Best Android Music Player Apps


You can access millions of songs and other works from authors around the world through the Spotify digital music, podcast and video service. You can choose to upgrade to Spotify Premium, but basic features like music playback are completely free.

Whether or not you have Premium, you can receive suggestions based on your preferences. Amass music and podcast libraries. Spotify can be accessed on a variety of devices, including computers, phones, tablets, speakers, TVs, and automobiles, and Spotify Connect makes it easy to switch between them.

power amp

Many Android users have relied on Poweramp as their favorite music player app for a long time. You can acquire themes for its sleek user interface from the Google Play Store. Sometimes the interface is too smart for its own good. Other than that, it’s fast, efficient, and powerful, and if you want to go that route, there are themes available.

Along with compatibility with Android Auto, the app supports a variety of playlist types, gapless playback, crossfading, and other playback capabilities. Widgets, tag editing and other customization options are also available. If needed, you can also download the lyrics. He’s a strong player who tends to connect with most people on an emotional level.


iHeartMedia, Inc. owns the free radio streaming, podcasting and broadcasting service iHeartRadio. In April 2008, it was created. Since 2019, iHeartRadio has served as the national umbrella brand for the iHeartMedia Radio Network, uniting iHeartMedia’s approximately 850 local radio stations nationwide as well as hundreds of stations from various other media.

The service offers on-demand capability, over 250,000 podcasts, a music recommendation system, and the ability for users to save and play songs from live shows in digital playlists.

youtube music

After stopping Google Play Music, you need to turn to YouTube Music. In the free version, which requires you to keep the screen on and not navigate between apps to play music, so does your eyes. Aside from ads and the inability to play offline, there’s not much to complain about if you consider you have free access to millions of songs.

If you choose to upgrade to the premium version, it will cost you $9.99 per month, or $11.99 if you choose a subscription that includes ad-free access to all of YouTube. If you’re all with Google, it’s a good deal. If you have access to a desktop computer, you can also add DRM-free audio files from your existing collection to your music library to expand it.


For Windows there is a free audio player called AIMP. The AIMP development team is currently working on it; it was originally written by Russian developer Artem Izmaylov. It aims to be a fast and lightweight audio player. Prior to Beta 3.00, it was based on the BASS audio library, but now it has a custom audio engine.

On August 8, 2006, Artem Izmaylov released the first version of AIMP under the name “AIMP Classic”. AIMP version 3 includes full ReplayGain support and a dedicated audio engine. Additionally, new transparency effects have been added to the music library interface.

shuttle music player

An easy to use, portable and powerful music player for Android is called Shuttle. Features: Use of materials – 6-band EQ with built-in bass boost, Continuous playback Music (embedded lyrics only, for legal reasons) The best user interface of any music player on the play store Automatic artwork download There are many theme possibilities, including light and dark modes. Exceptionally flexible widgets.

The scrobbling should be noted that upgrading to the pro edition of the app is possible via in-app purchases. Some features are only available in the premium version (Shuttle+). Editing id3 tags Browse folders Many other themes; ChromeCasting on your TV Everything you could possibly need in a music player is in the Shuttle Music Player. a little more too. Your Android device’s favorite music player is it.


With playback controls and 5-band EQ, Musixmatch takes care of the essentials, but the app really excels by automatically presenting synchronized lyrics for each song as the melody plays. Musixmatch uses a feature called FloatingLyrics to display synchronized song lyrics while a track is playing.

It works well with other music player apps like Spotify. Support for Android Wear and Chromecast are two other standout features. You can also access Twitter accounts, albums, and chart-topping songs for artists and bands.


Tidal has a significant advantage over other streaming services in that it offers lossless audio. It will be challenged by none other than Spotify, who have just declared that Spotify HiFi is a thing. Tidal invented the idea of ​​lossless music streaming, and it’s pretty awesome to have CD-quality music without needing to own CDs or download FLAC files. Tidal still offers access to a supposed 70 million music library once the lossless element of things is taken into account.


Similar to Spotify and Tidal, Deezer is a music streaming service that gives you access to over 73 million songs worldwide as well as other audio content such as podcasts. High-quality sound has always been a priority for Deezer, which also brought Sony 360 Reality Audio to its platform first. However, at the time of this writing, it does not provide the Hi-Res Master Quality audio quality advertised by Tidal.

Deezer Premium subscription users can listen to FLAC music in CD quality at 16bit/44.1kHz. Although Spotify does not yet match this, its future HiFi plan will include this feature. We’ve outlined how Deezer works and what might make it worth your hard-earned cash to help you figure out if it’s worth your time, especially against the competition.

Apple Music

After Apple bought Beats Electronics in 2014, which included the now defunct Beats Music subscription service, Apple Music was released in 2015. With the Apple Music service, you can access all your music, whether it’s purchased from iTunes, copied from a CD or downloaded from the Internet, in one place and on all your devices, in addition to streaming any track from the iTunes catalog at any time.

Additionally, the streaming service provides recommendations based on your interests, Internet radio, the ability to download music to your device for offline listening, expert-curated playlists, integration with the Siri virtual assistant on iOS devices and features like Lyrics view.

Music player GO

Check out Music Player GO if you are looking for a simple and open source music player for Android. For Android users with a low budget smartphone who cannot afford expensive maintenance programs, mp3 player for android is ideal. The Android app has a clean, uncluttered interface and no ads.

There are many theme variations and an equalizer included. Additionally, you can select specific volume levels separate from the device’s volume preset. You can sort the music in the app by artists, albums, folders, and even hide folders you don’t want to play randomly.

VLC for Android

Traditionalists love VLC for the reliable simplicity and feature richness of Android. There’s not much here for those looking for cutting-edge entertainment outside of a very basic, no-frills music listening experience. The ability to mix in video with your music playback is a plus.

MKV, MP4, FLAC, and OGG are just a few of the many video and audio file types supported by VLC for Android’s full-featured audio player. Internet streams, DVD ISOs, and disc sharing are all accessible to media junkies. Subtitles and multi-track audio are also supported. The gesture control in the app is somewhat responsive which is a slight downside.

Last words

These apps offer features that were once only available in a Android music player app. Things like offline music playback, which allows users to add and listen to locally stored music, are now available on music streaming services.