Charlie Puth Admits He Can’t Do *THIS* During Sex | Music News

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Robin Hood

Charlie Puth is a singer, songwriter and producer, and as such he is completely absorbed in music almost all the time. But strangely, the only time Charlie turns the music stopped that’s when a lot of us turn the music on on: during sexy time.

Talk to Hustle in an interview in which he completely exaggerates, Charlie admits that he can’t listen to music when he’s in bed with someone because, he explains, “I’ll analyze the music playing in the background and I’ll start seeing the musical notes in my head and I won’t be able to [perform].”

That’s not to say Charlie avoids sex, though. If you follow him on TikTok, you’ll find he’s quite obsessed with it. As he tells Hustle, “I’m really excited. I think to be creative you have to be a little bit.”

But why is he’s so open about this stuff on TikTok, where he has over 16 million followers? “It just shows your vulnerability,” he explains, “and I wasn’t a vulnerable person. [before].”

He notes, “I really need to show my personality. I wasn’t doing that because I was surrounding myself with producers and record company executives who were like, ‘You’re a great actor. You gotta go and work. on your art for a while. The pandemic has made me realize that I not only have to not do that, but the opposite of that. I have to show each step of the process.

And he also doesn’t care if you think he’s ridiculous or thirsty.

“I would be more offended if someone opened my TikTok and they had no opinion on it, if they were indifferent,” he says. “I want him to either be really mad about it or in love.”

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