Classical music playlist, July 19, 2021


In 1869, Johannes Brahms created a musically rich set of pieces based on two popular musical currents of the time: waltzes and vocal pieces on the theme of love. While the music exhibits sophistication, such as varying themes instead of a simple repetition like in most popular music, the pieces were designed to appeal to popular tastes for music with a folkloric feel that could be. played by amateurs in duet with piano and sung at home. . The texts were by the poet Georg Friedrich Daumer in translations of love poems and folk songs about facets of love that everyone could relate to, such as desire, joy, denial, sadness, etc. Brahms’ original version was for a piano duo (one piano, two players) and a vocal quartet, but with a note that the vocals could be omitted because the music incorporates the vocal lines.

His lot of 18 “Valses Liebeslieder” (waltzes of love songs) proved to be so popular and playable that Brahms (and others) incorporated them into a variety of arrangements using vocals or not, a piano duet or solo, a small orchestra or strings only. They were so popular, indeed, that these Waltzes alone brought Brahms a large part of his fortune. A Brahms arrangement of strings “Valses Liebeslieder” is today’s noon masterpiece at 2:00 p.m. on CapRadio Music.


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