Dave Grohl has no desire to go solo – Music News

Dave Grohl would hate to go solo.

The Foo Fighters frontman has insisted the band’s new horror-comedy film ‘Everlong’, ‘Studio 666’, is full of ‘really hilarious rock and roll cliches’, and Dave doesn’t want to quit the band to start his own career.

He told Sky News: “The premise is based on a lot of really hilarious rock and roll clichés and stereotypes, isn’t it? The lead singer who wants to go solo and is at creative war with his own band – and some lead singers do exactly that. It’s something I would never want to do because I really love being in Foo Fighters.

“In the movie, I have writer’s block and I’m starting to lose my mind and we have these crazy, screaming, murderous arguments while we’re making the album. And when we’re making Foo Fighters records, honestly , we walk around the studio, we usually have too much gear and we spend a few weeks, a few months, just playing our instruments and laughing hysterically…we always enjoy what we do and each other.”

Dave becomes possessed by a demon in the film, which follows the band as they record their 10th studio album at the haunted Encino Mansion.

Meanwhile, the former Nirvana drummer has dismissed claims he has bad hearing loss and needs to read lips.

The 53-year-old rocker said: “If you were to ask any musician if they have hearing loss, I guarantee 99.9% of those people would say, ‘Oh, absolutely’…I I’ve read a few of these titles where it’s like, I’ve read lips for years, and I hear nothing. It’s not that bad. It really isn’t. I go to the studio every day and sit there and listen to the like, the little details of every mix and every song.

“Trust me, it’s just that ear. So if I don’t like you, I’ll sit on your right at dinner.”