dCS Vivaldi One Apex is a high-end digital music player priced at £76,000

DCS loves a birthday. Back in 2017 for its 30th anniversary, the hi-fi electronics specialist released a gold-plated limited edition of its Vivaldi One digital music player. It went on sale for £66,000. If you do the math, 2022 marks another milestone, so what does the company have in store for us as it approaches its 35th anniversary?

You guessed it. Another limited edition version of the Vivaldi One. Dubbed Vivaldi One Apex, the new version of the all-in-one music player now features its next-generation Ring DAC Apex technology announced earlier in the year.

And when we say limited, we mean limited. Only 50 units of the drive will be available to buy (in anodised silver or black) and each will set you back £76,500, although there’s no gold plating on this version. Orders can be placed now with the first ten units due to ship on June 1, with the remaining units shipping at the end of July.

The Vivaldi One, if you didn’t know, is a single chassis digital music player that includes a network music player, CD/SACD transport and master clock, upsampler and DAC. It supports a full range of codecs including MQA and works with streaming services and multi-room platforms such as Roon, Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer.

Connectivity includes a range of digital inputs while the player also offers DXD upsampling with optional DSD/64 or DSD/128 upsampling as well as a range of DSP and DSD filters to experiment with.

The dCS Vivaldi One Apex will debut at the Munich High-End Show 2022 where more information will be revealed. Keep your eyes locked on What Hifi? for all of our coverage of the show.


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