‘Free, Ad-Free’ Music Player for Android and Android Auto Receives New Update


There are plenty of Android music players out there that support Android Auto, but there is one that promises a completely clean experience without any compromises in terms of features.

Musicolet, which is currently one of the top choices for drivers who want to listen to their own music libraries, is also known as the ‘free, ad-free’ music player because it costs absolutely nothing without any other gadgets like in -app purchases, ads, banners or something like that.

And today Musicolet received a new update which adds more features and also fixes some of the bugs previously reported by Android users.

First of all, Musicolet 4.4 brings a new feature to Android that allows users to drag all the selected songs at once, which makes organizing items in queues and playlists much easier. . Previously, it was possible to drag and drop only one song at a time.

This new update also introduces more customization in widgets, as well as an option to read lyrics and access information on disc number labels.

If you’re the kind of user who usually doesn’t stick to the default setup, this release introduces an option to change quick access shortcuts.

Another notable change is the new user interface available for the “Edit Playlist” screen on Android.

It goes without saying that, like any other app update, Musicolet 4.4 also comes with a list of fixes for bugs discovered in previous versions. The dev team hasn’t provided a full list of what’s fixed in this update, but overall you should have a much more polished experience after installing the new version.

And if you are not a Musicolet user but are looking for a completely free app with a very rich feature set, then this little app is just what you need. You can download Musicolet APK installer using this link.