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“Hello London! – we’ve been waiting for a long time to say that! These were the first words of Phil Collins, legendary drummer and vocalist of Genesis, as he opened The 02 show on Thursday.

For fans, it was music to their ears, having waited for this Last Domino Tour gig for over two years after it was rescheduled four times due to Covid. Seeing Phil, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks and the band perform in front of thousands of people, as usual, was a truly uplifting moment after months stuck in a land of confusion.
It was a shock to see the once energetic Phil performing in a chair for the concert due to his reduced mobility due to health issues. However, as soon as he started singing the first song on the band’s roster, Turn it on Again, against a dramatic strobe light show, his enormous voice and stage presence were back on stage. As his powerful voice filled the arena, the audience quickly became immersed in the magic of Genesis. In fact, by the end of the show, her unique performance, performed entirely from her chair, wowed fans even more for her dedication, determination, and sheer passion, against all odds.

The drama continued with Mama’s fetal heart drumming expertly performed by Phil’s son, Nicholas, who is clearly a drumming prodigy, just like his father and teacher. It was a very moving and heartwarming aspect of the concert to see Nicholas pick up the drumsticks where his father left off and carry on the rich Collins legacy.

Hit after hit, audiences were mesmerized as the band took them on a magical journey through their rich catalog, from their progressive rock debut to their 80s hits from hit albums such as Invisible Touch.

Ever the showman, Phil kept audiences hooked with his anecdotal intros, including a Tales of the Unexpected-style teaser, telling audiences “We’re going to try to get in touch with the other world – out there somewhere apart there are wicked spirits” – the spooky theme of the brilliant Home by the Sea.

Among the highlights of the highly anticipated concert, Phil’s demonic laughter echoed through The 02 as he performed the hauntingly powerful hit song Mama. Another highlight saw audiences treated to an eye-catching backdrop showing off the band’s iconic I Can’t Dance moves from their original video.

Introducing the popular hit Land of Confusion, whose 80s video featured the satirical puppets of Spitting Image, Phil told the audience: ‘It was originally written about Thatcher and Reagan and what was going on in the 80s , then of course when we started this tour it became more relevant to Covid, and now Mr. Putin is gone and started another war, so it’s kind of about that, still relevant.

Other gems of the Genesis legacy include Selling England by the Pound, Follow me Follow You (when the audience turned on their cell phones in the dark to share that special moment), That’s All and No Son of Mine.

It was truly a night to remember, seeing Mike, Tony and Phil together made the long wait for the fans interesting. Mike and Tony’s musicianship was more polished than ever, and with Phil’s vocals still a commanding presence, plus Nicholas’ incredible drumming, it was exactly what fans were hoping for, and more.

Addressing the audience, Phil Collins said: “This is our final step – after that you will have to create your own music!” The one thing this show proved was that Genesis would be an impossible act to follow.

The first sentence of the biblical book of Genesis begins: “In the beginning God created heaven and earth” – thank you Genesis for providing us with a little piece of heaven on earth. We sincerely hope this isn’t the last time we see you on stage and that you’ll turn it on again and again and again…