GLOZAL – Creator of First NFT Music Player™ to Unveil Flagship Project PlayOne™ on April 1 in Miami

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Our encrypted NFT Music Player™ allows users to play music off the blockchain in real time and verifies ownership of each NFT simultaneously

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, March 30, 2022 / — GLOBALInc., will unveil its flagship project PlayOne™ – a fully encrypted NFT blockchain music player allowing artists, creators, musicians, collectors and fans to coexist and discover unique NFT drops – at Cryptoworldcon Miami 2022 and Miami NFT Week 2022

The PlayOne NFT Music Player™ is a web-based player and will also be available for free download from the App Store and Google Play Store in the coming months.

PlayOne™ allows artists to derive the majority of revenue from their content as NFT. In addition to the traditional NFT upfront sale and resale royalty model, PlayOne artists will have multiple revenue streams, as will fans and collectors, derived from the tokenomics built into the PlayOne™ platform.

In addition to PlayOne™, we have created an SEC-compliant DeFi investment platform ( “The people around the world who support our product & mission can now invest in our company at any time. The price of our GLOZAL (GLZ) security token will evolve with demand over time. GLZ tokens are fully registered (ERC-20 compliant) digital securities that are tradable on decentralized secondary markets and compatible with the decentralized finance ecosystem, a true Web3.0 solution,” says Tarek Kirschen, CEO and Founder.

About GLOZAL — Founded in April 2021, GLOZAL Inc. is a Miami-based technology company that develops the PlayOne NFT Music Player™. Our encrypted NFT Music Player™ allows users to play music off the blockchain in real time and simultaneously verify ownership of each NFT.

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