Holt & Jones – Music News

Derek Holt and Richard Jones are the founding members of the Climax Blues Band and their musical history dates back to 1968 but it must be said that this album has much more to do with their musical experience than with a Blues/Rock band.

The album opens with a deeply atmospheric “Waiting For Payday” number, full of jazzy horns and a samba beat, evoking dark streets and dimly lit alley bars as they lament the lack of money. until payday/game. Musically as far from the blues as you can get, but on topic, especially in 2022.

The atmospheric feel continues throughout the album with smooth, melodic vocals and suitably soft backing. Songs range from the aforementioned “Waiting For Payday” to “Time’s Not On Our Side” which looks at climate change and the damage we are causing to our home, to “Shadowman” which was originally written for Climax Blues Band but never used – very dark and nightmarish and with a brilliantly sordid saxophone in the back. The closer album is a delicious love song that has a voice reminiscent of Paul McCartney and a lovely accordion accompaniment that builds into a Beatles-style crescendo.

All the songs have their own identity and you can really see/hear how long these songs have been, but that means a few – like “Playing For Love” – ​​are a bit dated but not bad for that.

Influences abound and there are echoes of the Beatles, the Hollies and even Crosby Stills & Nash, but in today’s world they have a very individual voice – most certainly making their own statement.

Exceptionally, the music is good enough for you to put on as background music, but in fact listening reveals a wealth of musical ability and 10 Holt & Jones-penned songs that are individual, thought-provoking and never-before-seen. could have been made only by artists who have been around and done it all.

Very good and well worth a tickle.