How to Create a Music Playlist for Your Pet

It’s easy to create a playlist for yourself on Spotify. What if you wanted to make one for your pet? Believe it or not, there is a feature for that!

Spotify has seemingly endless playlists for humans to listen to – but did you know it can also create playlists for your pets? Despite fierce competition from Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and other streaming apps, Spotify has remained the go-to music app for over 400 million users.

Part of the reason for Spotify’s continued success is its treasure trove of features. Want to listen to podcasts and music in one app? Spotify lets you do that. Wondering what all your streaming looked like throughout the year? Spotify Wrapped is the best in the business. Combined with endless tools for editing playlists, filtering music and more, the options for fine-tuning your listening experience are fantastic.


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On top of all that, one Spotify feature you might not be aware of is called “Spotify for Pets” – a feature that allows Spotify users to create playlists for their furry friends. Launched in January 2020, Spotify said, “We looked into this and conducted a study on how pet owners use music with their pets. We found that 71% of pet owners surveyed played music for their pets.” Many pet owners believe that music can keep pets company, relieve stress, and keep them happy/entertained. If you also want to play music for your pet but don’t know what songs they might like, that’s where Spotify’s Pet Playlists come in.

How to Create a Pet Spotify Playlist

Spotify Pet Playlists Feature

To start creating Spotify Pet Playlist, you need to visit Pet Playlists website on your phone or computer and click “Let’s Go” button to sign in with your Spotify account. Once you’re there, Spotify asks you to choose your pet. You can choose a dog, a cat, a bird, a hamster or an iguana. Choose the pet you have, click “Next”, then drag the slider to the next page to indicate your pet’s energy level. Move the slider to the left if your pet is relaxed, move it to the right if they are very energetic, or place the slider anywhere in the middle to better match your pet’s personality.

Clicking “Next” takes you to another slider, this time asking if your pet is shy or friendly. Move the slider all the way to the left if your pet is extremely shy, to the right if they’re friendly, or anywhere in between. Click “Next” once more to go to the final slider, where you’ll indicate whether your pet is more apathetic or curious. Click “Next” again, click “Name your pet” to enter their name, then click the “+” icon if you want to add a photo of your pet.

When you click “Next” this last time, you’ll have to wait a few seconds while Spotify syncs your pet’s personality with your musical tastes. Once complete, the page will update with you and your pet’s personalized playlist! Click one of the social media icons near the bottom of the screen to share it on social media, or click “Listen Now” to start listening to the playlist on Spotify. The best part? Spotify pet playlists are available for both free and premium users.

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