How to create a music playlist in Saints Row?

Saints Row is the intensely controversial reboot of the beloved open-world crime franchise from Deep Silver and Volition that has finally hit shelves. The game changes a lot from the series past, but longtime fans will love its new direction.

One of the most important aspects of this franchise, along with many of its peers, is its strong music library. In Volition’s franchise and in Grand Theft Auto, the car radio mechanic is an integral part of the experience. Like the other entries, players are not locked into radio rotation, they can choose their own track list.

Unlock Playlist app in Saints Row

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There are plenty of great songs available on Saints Row radio stations, from the classic rap collection of The Cipher to the hardcore metal of Nuclear Blast. Unfortunately, if the handful of radio stations doesn’t suit a player’s taste, they’ll have to wait a while before they can create their own playlist.

Playlists are set up in an app on the player’s in-game phone, but this app cannot be downloaded immediately. They must complete the “Fastest and Greediest” mission to unlock the app.

This mission is to help Kevin get a toy he’s always dreamed of owning. It’s a fairly simple story mission that requires you to fight a few enemies and commandeer some cargo to deliver to Kev.

This brief and easy mission won’t take too long, but it will only show up halfway through the game. This means that players won’t be able to use the Playlist app for several hours.

This may be a bummer for some, especially with the game’s reduced tracklist, but the feature will be available in time. Players will receive several rewards for completing the quest.

How do I set up a playlist in Saints Row?

After unlocking the Playlist app, Saints Row players can easily create any playlist they want. It’s as simple as using a real app on a cell phone, as soon as you can afford to use it.

The playlist app contains a complete list of every song from every radio station. With over 100 songs to choose from, representing different genres and decades, players can put together something special.

You can listen to your favorite song at will from the Playlist application. They can also build a list in any order and loop through it as they drive.

Along with songs, one can listen to or add news broadcasts from in-game radio stations. Not only can they convey useful information to the player, but they also contain much of Volition’s signature sense of humor for the game. fan delight.

It will take a lot of gameplay before they get access to the playlist app, but once they do, they have plenty of tracks to enjoy. Saints Row players need only beat The Fast and the Foodiest to put their favorite tracks in permanent rotation.

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