How to set the default music player on your iPhone and ask Siri to learn your music app preferences


  • You can set a “default” music player on your iPhone, who Siri will use when asked to play a song.
  • You will need to update your iPhone to iOS 14.5 or newer to set the default music player app.
  • If you want Siri to play music from another app, you can specify it when ordering.

It was enough to ask Siri to “play music” to always stop Apple Music – boring if you didn’t have a subscription. But with iOS 14.5, you have the option to set your own default music app.

Now if you ask Siri to “play music” or play a specific song, podcast, or book, your phone will display a list of apps for you to select from. Whether it be Spotify, Audible, Pandora, Apple Podcasts or other audio app, you can select the one you want to use.

You can use this menu to select a default music player. Just note that it’s not as easy as opening the Settings app – you’ll have to go through Siri.

What happens when you set default music player on iPhone

Setting a default music player does not give this app any special privileges or access to your data. It just means that when you ask Siri to play music without specifying which app you want it from, Siri will use your default.

Additionally, TechCrunch reports that even after you configure the new app, it doesn’t become your “default” in the traditional sense. Instead, Siri will have to learn your habits over time and eventually adapt to your preferences. This means that it can recognize that you prefer to listen to music on Spotify, but prefer to listen to podcasts on Apple Podcasts, for example.

Quick advice: To avoid any complications, you can simply tell Siri from which app you want to listen to music with a command. For example, when requesting a podcast, say “Hey Siri, play [name of podcast] on Apple podcasts. “

If you still want to help Siri know your music app preferences, here’s how to set the default music player on your iPhone.

How to set your default music app on iPhone and iPad

  1. Update your iPhone to iOS 14.5 (or your iPad to iPadOS 14.5) if you haven’t already, and make sure Siri is set up.
  2. Now call Siri with your side button or by saying “Hey Siri” and ask him to “Play music” or “Play” [the name of a song, podcast, book, etc.]. “
  3. The first time you do this with the iOS 14.5 update, you’ll see a list of available audio options. Tap the one you want to use.

    Ask Siri to play your song after updating to iOS 14.5 and wait for the list of apps to appear.Sophie Putka / Insider
  4. If Siri asks for permission to access your music app’s data, approve it.
    How to set the default music player on your iPhone and ask Siri to learn your music app preferences
    Allow Siri to access your music app data.Sophie Putka / Insider
  5. Siri will start playing your song request, or if you just asked for “music,” the last thing you listened to.
    How to set the default music player on your iPhone and ask Siri to learn your music app preferences
    Your song will start playing in the app you asked Siri to choose.Sophie Putka / Insider

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