How Your Music Playlist Can Influence Your Travel Destinations

Have you just returned from vacation and want to plan your next getaway, but maybe you’ve run out of destination ideas? So how about getting inspired by… your Spotify playlist? The music streaming giant has teamed up with EasyJet to develop destination recommendations based on people’s music tastes.

In your hand luggage, there is your boarding pass, your passport, your toothbrush and… your headphones! Because music has always been an indispensable travel companion – from the era of the portable cassette player to that of the iPod shuffle – the collaboration between EasyJet and Spotify seems almost natural. But the merger of these two companies is actually a first.

Together they developed a concept based on the idea that musical preferences can influence our choice of travel destinations. So, if you love chill-out and lounge music playlists, why not plan your next holiday on a beach on the east coast of Sardinia, away from the crowds? If you prefer more upbeat and fast-paced music, why not visit a Greek hotel on the southern island of Mykonos? »

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Inspire your next vacation with music

The British airline has found a new way to inspire its passengers. In what is primarily an advertising campaign, passengers can connect their Spotify account to EasyJet’s online platform. This sends Internet users to a website in the colors of the low-cost company which integrates an algorithm generating destinations according to each person’s musical tastes. And every time you try, you get new travel ideas. The last songs played are taken into account when recommending new songs.

Called “listen and book”, the concept has just been launched in France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Italy. And, in addition to providing travel recommendations, the platform also provides information on music events related to the destinations it offers. The artificial intelligence analyzes the tempo as well as the level of energy expressed by the songs.

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