Inspirational Music Playlist – Coog Radio – University of Houston Radio

The finals are over – it’s time to release your stress and get in the summer mood! Here is a playlist that you can incorporate into your summer activities to have a good time.

Since this song was released on Japanese Breakfast’s new album Jubilee, I’m obsessed with it! It definitely gives me a sweet 80s feel that never fails to lift my spirits.

This song always makes me want to party, so I think it would be great to play at a party – whether it’s with your friends or you party alone in your room (I’m an introvert, I don’t judge ).

If you were considered an emo kid like me, you probably already knew this song, but let me remind you: I still think it’s so infectious and impactful even after 14 years! This song always makes me smile.

This song is a CLASSIC! The King of Pop (RIP) left us with a lot of great songs and this is one you just have to play this summer.

With this song, I feel so confident and ready to face the day! The instrumentals, uplifting lyrics and Rina’s rich vocals make this song such a bop.

I love Amy Winehouse and this iconic version of Valerie (may she rest in peace). It’s impossible not to stomp, sing or dance to this song!!

Put this song on and I’ll feel unstoppable every time. It’s such a great classic from the legendary Freddie Mercury that will have you singing and screaming!

It’s such a throwback for me and still so refreshing to listen to! Its groovy feel and empowering lyrics keep you thinking positively no matter what you’re going through.