Katie Knipp Band – Music News

Take out Ms. Knipp’s vocals and you’ve got a very talented but pretty stock blues bar band, but add her vocals and you’ve got something that harks back to the Wild West or the prohibition era, but is just as sharp and sassy than tomorrow.

12 tracks by Katie Knipp and her band – Katie Knipp (vocals, keyboards, guitar, harmonica), Zack Proteau (bass), Chris Martinez (lead guitar), Otis Mourning (horns) and Neil Campasino (drums) – all written by the lady herself and production by Knipp & Proteau.
It’s been around for a few years now and has a number of nominations and awards – on this show, they’re all deserved.

The album starts with the band introduction and you get a real live performance. The quality of the game tightens and becomes more intense as the performance progresses and it is truly a delight from start to finish.

The band is remarkably good – Campasino is one of the best session drummers, Zack Proteau is an Emmy nominee, Otis Mourning is a jazz player with a playing history dating back to the age of 9 and they play the songs very well. songs, but it’s really the vocal style and songwriting that sets him apart.
Katie Knipp sings in an arched style, very sexy, very sassy but she carries the words clearly and she is nonetheless pleasant to listen to.