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Every week the wide open country the team rounds up our favorite new country, folk, bluegrass and Americana songs for the wide open country Six-pack.

This week’s roundup includes an ode to pure love by Kelsey Waldon, two new duos from elite country stortellers and a sweeping ballad filled with Western imagery from Kelsea Ballerini.

Here are 6 new songs you need to know this week.

“Simple as Love”, Kelsey Waldon

Since the release of his first album The gold mine, Kelsey Waldon has proven to be one of the country’s most compelling young storytellers. Mentored by songwriting legend John Prine, Waldon already has a rich catalog of chill country heartbreakers, but as the Kentucky artist explains, her discography has been a little light on good rock music. old fashioned country love. Everything changes with “Simple as Love”, a tender celebration of pure love – the kind that feels like it’s always been there, just like the moon, a heartbeat or a “monarch to a mimosa”.

“I was home sitting on my back porch and started thinking about how I had all these heartbreaking songs and drinking songs, but I don’t feel any of that anymore,” Waldon said. in a press release. “I’m at a point where I’m in a healthy relationship with someone who really cares about me, and I wanted to write a song that expresses what love feels like in its purest form.”

“Simple as Love” is the latest release from Waldon’s forthcoming album, produced by Shooter Jennings No regular dog (released August 12 via Oh Boy Records).

— Bobbie Jean Sawyer

“Wild Palomino”, with Zac Brown Band. Cody Johnson

The Zac Brown Band namesake rarely disappoints when recording songs he co-wrote about romance (“Love and Sunsets”) or the beauty of his home state of Georgia (“Homegrown”). Brown maintained both trends in one fell swoop in 2021 The return with “Wild Palomino”.

How, then, can a classic example of two of the band’s strengths be further softened for the next expanded edition of The return? The perfect duet partner fits the bill with the addition of elite country singer and storyteller Cody Johnson.

-Bobby Moore

“A guitar, a singer and a song”, Wade Bowen feat. Vince Gill

By no means does Wade Bowen need to sweat to have a lasting musical legacy in Texas, Tennessee or anywhere else. Yet even he sometimes questions the meaning of life itself, through “A Singer, A Guitar, and A Song,” a co-write with country music philosopher Lori McKenna.

“The whole point of doing what we do is not to be forgotten, to try to leave a mark on the world with a guitar, with your songs and with your voice,” Bowen shared in a press release. “We don’t think about it until we’re a couple decades into our career: ‘Have I done enough for people to remember me?'”

The acoustic, as Western as it is country, rationale for the song and its singer associates Bowen with Vince Gill, a legend with even less reason to doubt his place in history.

“A Guitar, a Singer and a Song” presents Bowen’s new album Somewhere between the secret and the truth (released August 12 on Thirty Tigers).

-Bobby Moore

“Y’all Life”, Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes is back with another single, “Y’all Life,” which he co-wrote with rapper Nelly, Pete Good, Josh Jenkins and Jason Epperson. The country singer also released the music video for the song, which was filmed in Chapel Hill, Tennessee with the help of locals. The result is a charming Friday Night Football setting featuring the local high school football team, a marching band, cheerleaders, and several town fans.

“‘Y’all Life’ is meant to celebrate life and live in the moment, even if that means things get a little messy, it just means you’re busy living. Take me and my family for example. We “We’re normal people. We have a garage in the front of our house, we live across the street from a mall,” Walker said.

Walker is preparing to embark on his headlining tour, Glad You’re Here, named after the book he co-wrote with Craig Allen Cooper. The book is inspired by the song “Craig” by Hayes, which chronicles the singer’s journey to sobriety and the discovery of Christ.

–Silk Jasso

“LOVE IS A COWBOY”, Kelsea Ballerini

I love Kelsea Ballerini so I was looking forward to her next new album Subject to change. While his latest album explored genre songs that skewed more country-pop, “LOVE IS A COWBOY” is just a good old-fashioned country ballad. Ballerini co-wrote her new song with Jesse Frasure and Parker Welling, with lyrics exploring how love itself is similar to the attractive traits possessed by rugged cowboys. It’s a simple concept, but it’s effective when you combine Ballerini’s stunning vocals with clever lyrics like “Rough around the edges, stops you in your tracks / Destroys you in the worst way when it looks like this / Knocks you off the horse but it brings you back / Love is a cowboy.“I still love modern Kelsea, but this song really takes her back to her country roots that shaped her career, which makes me even more excited for her new album.

“It’s a season of becoming, of healing, of love, of dancing and of feelings,” Ballerini explained of her upcoming album in a video on instagram. “And like everything, it is subject to change.”

In a Q&A video on TikTokthe country star also revealed that her new music “is heavily influenced” by “90s female country.”

-Courtney Fox

“The Way Back”, Tyler Hubbard

I’m a big fan of the Florida Georgia Line boys, but while I love them together, I appreciate that each musician is exploring their respective solo careers. Hubbard co-wrote “Way Home” with Corey Crowder and Canaan Smith. It’s one of the very first songs he started working on after deciding to pursue a career outside of FGL. It’s the second new song he’s released after his solo debut, “5 Foot 9,” and it doesn’t disappoint. The country star sings about how influenced he is by his faith, revisiting his country roots in a traditional ballad that manages to stand out with Hubbard’s unique sound and touching lyrics that really resonate –“Well they say life is a highway / And I put a few miles on mine / More than once I’ve taken the wrong two way / I just let my horses go wild / I just ride in the seat next to Jesus / ‘Cause I know he knows the way home.”

“To me, it’s a personal song, letting fans know me on an even deeper level,” Hubbard said. American songwriter. “This song is a reflection on where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I’m going. It’s become my personal reminder, on a regular basis, of who really drives this truck we call life. Thank goodness it’s is not me.”

-Courtney Fox

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