Listen to the Australian Art Music playlist: February 2022

The playlist begins with excellent examples of writing for solo violin, that of Elizabeth Younan Your heart dreams of spring maintains the momentum of its energetic start throughout, performed expressively by Jennifer Koh. At Connor D’Netto’s whisper in contrast, has a calm and textured beginning, elevating and developing throughout and showcasing Shannon Reilly’s technical abilities.

by Joe Chindamo Toccata for solo violin for Zoe Black has a sinuous quality that guides the listener’s ear through the development and resolution of the work. Or Magenta by Katherine Rawlings captures the ear through a haunting melody and fascinating variations lovingly performed by Marianne Edwards.

Adding piano into the equation creates a whole new range of sonic possibilities – many of which can be heard in Poem 8 by Jane Aubourg and Elizabeth Jigalin, one of their extended works responding to silent cinema. Likewise, composer and violinist Jon Rose adds spoken text, electronics and recorded sound to his violin playing to create an incredibly entertaining work in The shopping list (B).

The oldest recording on this list is Nigel Butterley’s Violin Concerto performed by Leonard Dommett and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. Butterley’s expert craftsmanship is on display here, not only in the demanding and expressive solo part, but his characteristic textural precision in the orchestral writing.

I have included here some recordings made for the AMEB Violin program, not only because I think they are entertaining works, but I think the works we are exposed to during our days as students have a profound impact on our vision initial of the musical. countryside. by Stephen Chin ghost ship is deceptively simple, yet captures mood and story so effectively, and leaves room for Brendan Joyce and Jennifer Wakeling to really sing in this recording.

This month’s final track takes a dramatic turn with Chloe Charody’s Now I will dance performed by Sonja Schebeck & Lindsay Gilroy. Feeling like a great encore for the violin, Chloé’s flair and expressive songwriting mark a fitting close to our listening experience.

I hope you enjoyed the violin repertoire from the Aussie Art Music Playlist this month. It is always interesting to explore a single instrument. But, if you’re looking for more to listen to, the full archive of Australian art music has also been updated on Spotify (now with over 90 hours of music to discover!).