Listen to the self-titled Winter Casual album


Originally from Aotearoa and currently residing in Melbourne, Winter casual is the solo recording project of Jn (alias Joseph Nunweek, co-founder of the cultural site The pantograph punch), which casually launched a heavily-packed eponymous offering earlier this week via Bandcamp. Incorporating a wide variety of sound strategies, from tours of subdued soundscapes (sometimes reminiscent of the monastic sci-fi vision of KITES) to catchy guitar-fuzz epics, spooky electronics, folk / psych meanders and the Beyond that, the eleven-track collection reflects on the pressing issues that have revolved around the artist during the turbulent time stretching from July 2020 to December 2021. Winter Casual exhibits all of this in the player’s long sleeve notes , unmistakably gorgeous, stating that all proceeds from downloads (except the Bandcamp Cup) will be donated to People against Aotearoa prisons

“A set of songs and noises recorded from July 2020 to December 2021 about being aimless in lockdown, detached cruelty, body dysmorphic disorder in the supermarket, having to see the political students you have with studied thrive, the tree and dragon allergy season ditching progressive rock in the mid-1970s and moving to Australia to be successful.

All benefits excl. The Bandcamp part goes to People Against Prisons Aotearoa (PAPA). I have to do this on an honor system as Bandcamp is linked to Paypal and it drastically reduces the number of suitable donation options. It would be great if this otherwise very good platform could be reviewed and sold. “