Måneskin’s “Supermodel” Inspired by LA’s “Empty Shells” | Music News


In some ways, Hollywood is fantasyland – and after Italian rockers Maneskin learned that firsthand it inspired their current single, “Supermodel.”

“We were in LA for a few months, and something that really shocked us was how many people were pretending to be celebrities, trying to get to the coolest party with the coolest connection. “, said the leader. Damian David says ABC Audio.

“But in the end, they’re empty shells, and you have nothing to share with them, and you can’t really talk to them,” he continues. “And they just want to take something from you to their advantage – but in the end they kind of struggle with it and they’re playing a character.”

As Damiano explains, it wasn’t so much that the band were surprised that Hollywood is full of wannabes and D-listers trying to hold on to any piece of fame they can find – rather, it was that they couldn’t believe that what they had consistently said for years by American Entertainment was actually true.

“We talked about it a lot because we always thought it was something you only saw in movies or TV shows,” Damiano notes. “But in the end, it’s real!”

Maneskin also appears on the film’s soundtrack Elvis: They recorded a version of The king“If I Can Dream”, the 1968 single.

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