Miami-based GLOZAL launches first NFT Music Player® – Times Square Chronicles


GLOZAL’s mission is to disrupt the status quo in the music industry and provide fair compensation for musicians and artists.

As an artist-centric, fan-centric platform, GLOZAL provides artists with an alternative revenue model for their work, while encouraging fans to purchase exclusive content directly from their favorite artists. Coupled with their proprietary NFT Music Player®, GLOZAL is poised to revolutionize the way fans access and listen to their music NFTs.

GLOZAL’s NFT Music Marketplace ( provides a platform for artists to stream exclusive content available for purchase as NFT. The platform works in concert with their encrypted NFT music player, which allows fans to bundle their music NFTs and easily listen to them in one secure place.

A growing trend in the music industry is the rise of NFTs (“Non-Fungible Tokens”). NFTs are non-fungible tokens issued and tracked on a distributed ledger such as a blockchain. They are similar to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in that they can be individually identified and are authenticated through a decentralized system. However, they differ from cryptocurrencies in that they are each unique, indivisible, and “non-fungible”. NFTs are stored in “smart contracts,” which are automatically executable code that runs on top of the distributed ledger on which the NFT is recorded. They provide a method of “provable uniqueness” and ownership for digital artwork, images, music and other content. NFTs are clearly unique because each image and piece of content is tied to a single token stored in a smart contract on the distributed ledger and its ownership can be irrefutably established. While others may have copies of the same content, only one person may have the specific token authenticating ownership of the content.

All content on the GLOZAL NFT Music Player is encrypted to prevent unauthorized copying, preserve the exclusivity of each NFT acquired, and ensure that artists are fully compensated for their NFT declines by distributing income through automated smart contracts. . All versions of GLOZAL NFT Music are encrypted when created on the platform, so only the owner of NFT can play and listen to the content they purchase on the GLOZAL NFT music player.

In addition, GLOZAL gives fans and artists the opportunity to own a stake in the company via a GLOZAL (GLZ) security token offering via, allowing them to buy into the company and ultimately to buy into the company. convert their GLZ security tokens into shares. once GLOZAL is made public.