NCT’s Chenle And Jisung Release Tricky Duet Music Cover Of Troye Sivan’s Youth

K-pop artists have a common affinity for Troye Sivan Youth, considering the number of musical covers of the song still released to date and NCT’s Chenle and Jisung’s rendition is another classy addition to the list. The “dreamy” duo, commonly referred to as ChenJi among the group’s fans, released a surprise video of the cover on their official YouTube channel.

The two artists in their early 20s are members of fixed sub-unit NCT Dream, which reports to the current 23-member umbrella group, with further expansions in sight. The band’s YouTube channel often provides the ground for posting the members’ solo musical efforts, and even for other cross-unit collaborations.

Besides, it’s not the first Youth cover released on the channel since their colleague Renjun also performed it on one of his previous birthdays as a gift to NCTzens (NCT’s fanbase). However, the latest video contrasts starkly with the first in terms of the tone of not only the music but also the visual theme.

Opting for an ethereal and natural outdoor setting for filming, the duo (also celebrated as the fatal soulmates who have known each other since childhood) can be seen adorning warm, earthy shades, resembling one of their themes for the photoshoot. Elle Korea, July 2020 issue. With nature as their guide, the best friends sit back to back, leaning on each other, a reflection of their emotional dependence on each other through their busy schedules.

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Chenle Jisung Youth Blanket

They give birth to the perfect musical duo, especially since their juxtaposed voices blend together to create harmony, unlike others. With Jisung’s raspy baritone complimenting Chenle’s angelic notes, but held back this time, this euphony couldn’t have gone wrong.

Additionally, the lyrics of Sivan’s song, “My Youth Is Yours,” dovetail well with their life story, having left home at a young age to pursue their passionate dreams of achieving artistic perfection. . Although they spent a lot of time separated from their respective families, the two, along with the other members of their sub-unit, formed an unspoken, sometimes very chaotic brotherhood, which speaks volumes about the fans who have come from this. to love their endearing life. -long friendship.

ChenJi or ChenSung also share the band’s entertainment banner with their long playful series titled this and that, in which the two attempted several missions related to cooking, sports, games, crafts, and more. The endless stream of episodes for the same is available on their YouTube channel.

Watch Chenle, Jisung Cover Youth

ChenJi’s musical harmony can also be picked up while listening to their group’s latest full album. Rhythm box on Spotify.

What do you think of this duo? Do you like ChenJi’s dynamic and their latest cover? Let us know your thoughts on the video and music coverage in the comments section below.

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