New Country Music Playlist 2022: Elle King and More

Every week the wide open country the team rounds up our favorite new country, folk, bluegrass and Americana songs for the wide open country Six-pack.

This week’s roundup includes a philosophical air of Elle Kingan Erin Enderlin CCR cover, a poignant Morgan Evans breakup song and more.

Here are six new country songs you should check out this week.

“Pretty Little Devils”, Reyna Roberts

Reyna Roberts shares a sultry Southern tale on “Pretty Little Devils,” a rowdy song about female friendship that references Megan Thee Stallion.

“My inspiration behind the song came from watching the show P-Valley and listening to Megan Thee Stallion and Jamey Johnson, while I was on tour with him,” Roberts said in a press release. “I’ve always loved Southern trap and country music, which led me to create a new genre. I embrace the music and culture that I love and this song reflects that!”

In a interview 2021said Roberts wide open country that she frequently finds inspiration in pop culture, Supernatural at The Rise of Skywalker.

“I don’t always necessarily write from personal experiences,” Roberts said. “The majority of my songs I get from watching movies and cracking jokes.”

Listen to the song here.

— Bobbie Jean Sawyer

“I felt a burial in my brain”, feat Andrew Bird. Phoebe Bridger

Andrew Bird 'I Felt A Burial In My Brain' album cover

Andrew Bird and Phoebe Bridgers reimagine Emily Dickinson’s poem “I felt a funeral, in my brain” on this haunting duet.

“I came across this poem by Emily Dickinson and found it to be the most vivid description of an inner world I have ever come across,” Bird said in a statement. “It became a source of inspiration for the songs of Internal issues. Who better to sing it with than Phoebe Bridgers? I sent him a demo and that’s it. Thanks to Mrs. Dickinson’s editor at Harvard University Press for allowing us to use this poem. As I understand it, her poems were not published as she had expected until the 1950s, that is, without the heavy hand of her male editors.”

Listen to the song here.

— Bobbie Jean Sawyer’

“Bad Moon Rising”, Erin Enderlin

Press photo of Erin Enderlin

Courtesy of the artist

Erin Enderlin sets the season’s spooky vibe with a twangier, steel guitar-accompanied rendition of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising.” John Fogerty’s 1969 original works without a hitch as a fast-paced country-rocker for Enderlin — an artist best known for singing her own character-driven story songs.

Creedence Clearwater Revival’s series of seven foundational country-rock albums in just five years (1968-1972) provided many covers for country bands: notably “Green River”, which is sung by Jeff Cook on the 1982 album from Alabama. mountain music, and “Lodi”, a song recorded in the 70s by Justin Tubb and the Flying Burrito Brothers.

Listen to the song here.

-Bobby Moore

“Better Things To Do”, The Shootouts Feat. Marty Stuart

Press photo of the shootings

Jamie Escola

Akron, Ohio, quartet The Shootouts embody the spirit of two Midwestern staples – bluegrass and punk rock – on the recently shared heartbreaking song “Better Things to Do.” The band needed an elite mandolin soloist to keep up with the breakneck pace of the song, and they found it in fellow Hillbilly Rocker Marty Stuart.

Stuart isn’t the only genre-hopping country legend to feature on Stampedean album slated for February 24, 2023. Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel has produced the next collection of songs, which includes appearances from Raul Malo of the Mavericks, Jim Lauderdale and Buddy Miller.

Listen to the song here.

-Bobby Moore

“Try Jesus”, Elle King

Press photo of Elle King

Corey Bost

Elle King has always had a bit of a country vibe, but I love how she’s dipped into the genre lately. His country album Come get your wife is slated for January 2023, and his latest single “Try Jesus” seems like an indication that he’ll be full of heart and lots of country fun following his collaboration with Miranda Lambert’s “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” and the Dierks Bentley duet “Worth a Shot”.

The offbeat music video helps bring the song’s story to life, showing King shopping at a dollar store and searching for meaning in life. In an interview with Peopleshe explained that finding faith and becoming a mom for the first time really inspired this song as well as her next album.

“And the message of the song, if you think about it: God is in all of us,” she said. “And so if we connect to our higher self, isn’t that kind of a connection to a part of God? So if we look within ourselves and find love for ourselves, maybe we’re letting a great spirit in. I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of something.”

Listen to the song here.

-Courtney Fox

“Yours”, Morgan Evans

Work Over For You by Morgan Evans

Following news that Morgan Evans and Kelsea Ballerini will be separating after nearly five years of marriage, Evans has released a truly poignant ballad inspired by her painful breakup. Written by Evans, Madison Love, Geoff Warburton and One Love, the Australian native asks his ex some tough questions about when she decided to move on, expressing that despite everything, he just misses who he is. fell in love. The chorus is particularly heartbreaking –“I would have searched the whole world for you / I would have taken a flight, all night / To be that shoulder for you / I would have let go if you wanted me too / How many times did you tell me that you loved me / When wasn’t true / I was just wondering / How long was it over for you.”

Evans said in a press release, “I recorded this vocal the same day we wrote the song. It was a tough time in my life, and writing this helped me process a lot of what I was going through. I would like to thank everyone who has reached out over the past few weeks, both those with messages of support and those sharing their own stories.”

Listen to the song here.

-Courtney Fox

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