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Music Feeds’ New Aus Music playlist is updated once a week with our favorite Australian releases from the previous seven days. October’s premiere playlist includes daine’s “stay close,” which they describe as an emo pop love story of “two bad guys,” “Michelle” influenced by violin virtuoso Xani’s hip hop, garage no-frills punk from Phil & the Tiles, and much more.

The New Aus Music Playlist is a great way to learn about local music, discover new artists and support the Australian music industry. So grab your headphones or aux cable and fire up this week’s must-have new releases. (Head here to see previous installments of the playlist.)

Listen to the playlist of the month

New additions: 07/10/2022

doe – stay close

Xani – Michelle

Behind You – Neck Work

sunbleached – Turn around

Nuum – Atypical

Shannen James – This Mess

Elizabeth M. Drummond – Ball

GAZAL – Let yourself go

Munan – Freak like me

Phil & the Tiles – Elixir

Austin Mackay – Dancing Through Fire

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