Patchouli Brothers release new editions of Mary Mundy’s music – News

Toronto-based producers and DJs Patchouli Brothers have released the first work from their new label, Dodo Records.

The release is their own creation: two editions of underground musician Dr. Mary Mundy’s tracks, “Love Me Love Me” and “Love Is Gone”.

And while Dodo Records isn’t exclusively a publishing label, the brothers had the opportunity to work with Mundy on these releases to highlight his soulful and underground disco curations for the label’s debut.

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“It is an honor to reintroduce the soulful sounds of Mary Mundy and to see her bless our disco editions as well as the first Dodo Record,” the brothers say. “They’ve been working on our dance floors for so long, so it’s good to have them in the world; legit and licensed!

Having played his music at parties for years in their DJ sets, the original plan was to have Mundy release his disco track “Love Me Love Me” due to the duo’s mounting success at smaller parties. However, Mundy also noted his passion for his 1982 track “Love Is Gone”, which resulted in the brothers revamping “Love Me Love Me” and “Love Is Gone”.

This Patchouli Brothers version features a mix of underground disco, soul and R&B, retaining the energy originally put into the track by Dr. Mundy – who today, as a college professor, still sings.