Peter Frampton records his 19th album – Music News

Peter Frampton records his 19th studio album.

The 72-year-old rock star – who is best known for hits such as ‘Show Me the Way’, ‘Baby, I Love Your Way’, ‘Do You Feel Like We Do’ and ‘I’m in You’ – has released their first record 50 years ago and are now creating an album full of self-penned tracks.

He said: “I’m recording brand new material right now. No co-writers, all my own songs and I’m already throwing a lot of it in because every track has to be a winner. I’m not going anywhere Framptom has passed before!”

Meanwhile, the ‘Money’ hitmaker – who released his 18th album ‘Frampton Forgets the Words’ last year – also added that becoming a teen idol in the 1960s was a ‘big surprise’ for him and said joked that his “good looks” got him in “trouble”.

He told Uncut magazine: “Your career has been marked by unexpected turns since your teenage years, when you were a brilliant guitarist who got shoved in front of the mic in The Herd in 1967… Yeah, becoming an idol of teens was as big a surprise to me as it was to the other guys. My guitar playing made me feel good, but my looks got me in trouble – for both, I thank my parents, ha! But through all the ups and downs, you have to get up and move on.”

The British-born star now lives in Nashville and explained his mantra was the reason for his determination to return to the UK and Europe for one final tour, but teased that the ‘farewell’ nature of the show – which is due to end at the Royal Albert Hall in London on November 8 – could become “indefinite” if things go well.

He said: I never give up on things. That’s why I didn’t give up the UK and Europe farewell tour. It was a must for me. And if all goes well, I may also be able to go elsewhere. So it’s an indefinite farewell, really.”