Random music news for Saturday, May 28, 2022

That’s why we can’t have nice things. We may, however, have music news for May 28, 2022.

  1. The killer of the Ulvade School Massacre played music as he rampaged. There is no information on the specific music he played.
  2. Want to buy tickets for the Harry Styles tour? Good luck with that. Better to be rich to start…
  3. …especially if you hope to purchase your Notes on the secondary market. WOW.
  4. The ABBA Voyage avatar show is now in preview. The first reviews are stunning.
  5. Joe Biden to consult with BTS on how to tackle anti-Asian hate crimes.
  6. If Noel Gallagher needed a kidney, Liam says he would donate one.
  7. How’s that for an exotic thing for your record collection?
  8. Well, a lot of country musicians dropped out of this weekend’s NRA convention in Houston.
  9. A Creed meeting? Are we really ready for this?
  10. Ringo Starr launched an NFT collection. he posted this.
  11. On the subject of drummers, watch this video. (via Michael)
  12. Spotify and chicken wings, finally together.
  13. Speaking of which, there’s a subreddit dedicated to weird playlists.
  14. The headbanging cat.
  15. Well, given its historical value, I understand that.
  16. Sounds interesting: a new documentary on the rise of the music merchandising industry.

PRIME: Winnie the Pooh is now a serial killer who kills people to death. Yay, public domain!

BONUS BONUS: A circular pool pit.