Shaun Ryder Announces First Solo Exhibit in 11 Years – Music News

Shaun Ryder has announced his first solo exhibition in 11 years.

The Happy Mondays and Black Grape star will play a charity gig in his hometown at Manchester’s Factory 251 on October 7, which will see the ‘Step On’ hitmaker perform songs from his 2021 LP ‘Visits From Future Technology’.

The evening promises some “surprises”, and will see the founder of Creation Records and former manager of Oasis, Alan McGee.

Shaun, 60, said: “I’m really looking forward to playing my first solo gig in 11 years. It will be great to play some songs from my album ‘Visits from Future Technology’ live.”

It was Alan who suggested she review the record, which resulted in Shaun re-recording some of the vocals and Sonny Levine remixing the whole thing.

All money raised tonight will benefit mental health charity Mind

Menswear retailers Scotts – who recently featured Shaun and his son Olli in their Next Generation campaign – and This Feeling party and label are hosting the rare one-off gig.

Describing his second solo album, Shaun said: “In my ADHD delusional brain is my ‘Sgt. Pepper’ [Beatles] full of songs with different flavors.”

In July, Happy Mondays released the charity EP “Tart Tart” in memory of the late bassist Paul Ryder.

The 58-year-old musician – the younger brother of founding member Shaun – was found dead just before taking the stage at Sunderland’s Kubix Festival on July 15.

And in his memory, the Manchester band have shared two previously unreleased live versions of “Tart Tart”, which originally appeared on their 1987 debut album “Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out)”.

Shaun said: “This special release of ‘Tart Tart’ showcases the unique musical talent of our brother Paul Ryder who passed away from this world…we will all miss you Horse…he brought the funk and the rock n roll to Happy Mondays…i’ve loved you for a long time R kid.”

Money raised from proceeds from the digital EP and single will be donated to the charity Music Cares, chosen by her daughter, Amelia, who said: “Music Cares is a charity that helps people in music industry struggling with addiction issues.. 14 years ago, Paul received help and support from the organization which helped fund extended outpatient care and therapy that enabled him to live 14 happy and productive subsequent years. Just two weeks ago he mentioned them in an interview and often expressed his gratitude and willingness to pay for their support so that others can also be helped.”

Confirming Paul’s sudden passing, the band – which originally included Paul, Shaun, Gary Whelan, Paul Davis and Mark ‘Bez’ Day – wrote on Facebook: “The Ryder family and Happy Mondays band members are deeply saddened and shocked to say that Paul Ryder passed away this morning.

“A true pioneer and a legend. He will be missed forever.

“We appreciate your respecting the privacy of everyone involved at this time.”

Tickets for Shaun’s solo show are available via