Shuttle Music Player gets a complete rewrite of Kotlin with a new beta app


In an age dominated by music streaming services, some of us still like to play our music the old-fashioned way: through an offline music player. If you fall into that camp and are looking for a feature-rich yet modern music player, Android has no shortage of high-quality third-party music players. Shuttle Music Player is one of those players that has been around for quite some time now, with over 5 million downloads from the Google Play Store and a host of features in a sleek and compact package. Now the app developer is back with a new music player: Shuttle 2 (S2), a complete reconstruction of the Shuttle Music Player with a much more modern and focused design.

Shuttle 2 is built entirely in Kotlin, and the developer says it’s faster, more reliable, and better looking than the current player. Unlike other music players, Shuttle 2 does not rely on the Android MediaShare or MediaPlayer class. Instead, it scans the folders you specify and reads the file tags. According to the developer, this method results in a more accurate and reliable media library, and will also prevent situations where users might lose their playlists after a restart.

Shuttle 2 also allows you to stream music to your media server. Currently, the app only supports Emby, but the developer is working on integrating Plex and Jellyfin in the near future.

In terms of features, Shuttle 2 has all the features you would expect from a modern music player, including:

  • 10-band equalizer
  • Flawless reading
  • Sleeping time
  • Dark mode
  • Inclusion / exclusion list
  • Support for multiple genres
  • Automatic support for Andriod
  • Chromecast support

As to whether Shuttle 2 will be open source just like the original player, the developer says he has not yet decided, citing concerns about competition with clone apps that will most likely follow due to the creation of the open source code.

Shuttle 2 is available for free from the Google Play Store as an Early Access version. The developer also mentions that the app is currently free, but intends to eventually monetize the app in one form or another.


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