Sorry, you still can’t change your default music player on iPhone


In early February, it was reported that Apple was finally allowing users to change their default music app on iPhone. Unfortunately, this is not really true.

IPhone users have complained for years that Apple Music is the default music player on the device. And don’t even get me started on that moment, U2 Songs of innocence suddenly appeared in everyone’s libraries.

But last month it looked like there would be a reprieve. Some users have started to notice that the beta version of iOS 14.5 brings changes related to music.

It looked like you could change the default music app on your device through Siri. All you had to do was ask Siri to play a song of your choice and she would ask you which app you wanted to use via a convenient menu.

The device would then continue to use this application the next time you request a song.

But it turned out that it was not the same as changing the default. At least according to Apple.

TechCrunch reports that Apple does not consider this to select a new music app by default. In fact, the company claims that there is no setting in iOS to select a default.

If you think Siri asks you for your favorite app and then uses it, this certainly sounds like a default, you probably aren’t the only one.

But according to Apple, what’s going on here is a Siri Intelligence-based feature that syncs your listening habits and delivers based on them.

Interestingly, this all comes out after the aforementioned menu disappeared in the second beta.

If that still seems like weird semantics, TechCrunch explains why it might be happening.

Apple is currently involved in several antitrust cases involving the App Store and the Apple ecosystem in general. Spotify is one of the companies that has filed major complaints against Apple.

Spotify claims that Apple has created an anti-competitive ecosystem that promotes its own products, but also takes 30% commission on all in-app purchases.

It’s a similar complaint to what Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, have filed a complaint against the company in the context of legal proceedings in several countries.

So, throwing a bone-shaped app to users might be an easy way for Apple to do as its playing ball. But that’s only a theory.

Still, while there apparently isn’t any defaults to change here, it’s at least helpful to know that iPhones are more likely to use the listening app of your choice in the future.

Disclosure: The author owns shares in Apple.