Texas A&M Vs Arkansas Music Playlist: Here We Are Now, Entertain Us


First, let’s take an hour’s drive to Eureka Springs, Arkansas and visit a local chocolatier.

There is a lot of comedy to be taken from this image, but I’ll let your imagination take a trip. #shit jokes

We play the Hawgs, we know what that means. Probably overtime, several broken liquor bottles and complete exhaustion. No reason to review actual football in this article, I mean has anyone read this for in-depth analysis? Oh yes ? Shit. Ummmm … We have to do more bullshit than them! (Thank you @shutdownfullcas you are the only college football knowledge I need)

Today marks a relatively historic day in the history of music, yes 30 years ago Kid N ‘Play’s Confront the nation has been freed. So many great memories of happy rap, long hair and fun partner dancing.

No that’s not true. This album was swan song for Kid N ‘Play. No, September 24, 1991 saw the release of The Pixies’ Deceives the world, Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Blood sugar sex magic, Quest of the Called Tribe Low-end theory and the one everyone talks about Nirvana No matter.

Now, all of that may mean something different to you, and I’m not old enough to say that those albums meant anything to me back then, but over time they’ve shaped my musical tastes a bit. It was the Pixies’ last album in decades, it was Tribe’s absolute classic, and it turned the Red hot Chili Peppers from a bizarre funk-rap group into national stars. This article could relate to any of these albums. But, the importance of no matter probably cannot be underestimated. This is the definitive album from the early 90s and one of the greatest albums of all time.

Nirvana single-handedly killed a genre of music in hair-metal. I know some of you are very sad about this, but damn it, WRRANT SUCKED! no matter is pretty much perfect from track 1 Smells like Teen Spirit at track 13 Endless without a name. It is the album that is the gateway to alternative rock and everything that followed it. They reshaped the music that was going to be played for the next decade and beyond. And honestly I listened to everything no matter last night, it still holds. It’s really an amazing album that Kurt, Krist, Dave and Butch Vig put together. To listen for the billionth time.

When does this neutral site bullshit end? 2024? Shit. Ok, whatever, Dallas alum is enjoying the game in your soulless spaceship in the middle of a freeway. I’ll swallow Pepcid with some old grandpa hunters. Have fun (it’s never fun), be safe (always have a boyfriend) and (for god’s sake) BTHO arkansas.



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