Titus Andronicus will play Grog Shop in March 2023 | Music News | Cleveland

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Courtesy of Big Hassle

Titus Andronicus.

Indie rockers Titus Andronicus have just announced additional tour dates in support of their seventh studio album, The will to live.

Titus Andronicus performs March 1, 2023 at The Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights.

Just this week, the band released their first-ever standalone holiday single, “Drummer Boy.”

“Drummer Boy” takes the music from Billy Joel’s evergreen anthem “Piano Man” and uses it to tell the nativity story from the perspective of “The Little Drummer Boy,” a track made famous in the 1958 Christmas classic of the same name.

“I first connected the dots between the great Billy Joel song and the beloved Christmas standard several years ago, but it got tossed on the pile along with so many of my other crazy ideas,” says the singer-songwriter Patrick Stickles in a press release. “Things being as they are, however, I may not have time to execute all these crazy ideas, so when we had two days off in Montreal on our recent tour, we thought we let’s grab the reindeer by the antlers and cross this one off the list, to avoid the pain of eternal regret. Also, I’ve noticed a lot of talk lately about what constitutes legitimate “parody” lately, and I’d love to get a piece of that action.

Tickets for the Titus Andronicus concert at the Grog Shop go on sale at 10 a.m. on Friday.
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