YouTube Music playlist revamp is slowly making its way to phones

The redesign was recently spotted on Android tablets

YouTube Music is getting a design overhaul, with reports dating back to May of impending changes to the way the app displays playlists. The company is also testing a dynamic queue feature for the app and adding compatibility for Android 13 media controls ahead of its big release later this fall. With last month’s Playlist UI redesign of the YouTube Music app for tablets, it was only a matter of time before the feature made its way to phones. According to a user on Reddit, this seems to be happening right now.


Reddit user u/ungiancarloshared a screenshot of the new YouTube Music playlists for phones, and it doesn’t look too different from last month’s tablet redesign. It doesn’t seem to be widely available yet, though we expect it to hit more devices over the next few weeks. This also means that the random floating action (FAB) button is hidden in the lower right corner of the playlist, as 9to5Google points out.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the UI now contains a larger album/playlist cover image with information about the creator of the playlist and the date of its creation. latest update at the top. Commands such as download, edit, play/shuffle, share, and a three-dot menu with options to delete and play next, among other options, can be found just below the cover image.

Much like the YouTube Music Playlist and Album redesign for tablets, the former appears to have the new design first, while Albums will likely follow later. The change will no doubt take some getting used to, given that the old UI has been around for a while now. It’s unclear why the YouTube Music team is taking so long to update the UI on its tablet and smartphone versions. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t take long for users of the music streaming service to enjoy the same user interface regardless of the type of device they own.